Toon Muerdewoh

Toon Form

Muerdewoh is a Murkekow from a Game & Watch game called MARIO BROS, him and his brother Louueegiy work together to pack up boxes for some reason.

What he does all the time

Muerdewoh must first take a pallet out of the machine on the lowest level and place on the lowest of five conveyor belts running in alternating directions. Some sort of bottle is placed on the pallet as it passes through the divisor between the screens and continues on until it reaches the end of the conveyor belt. Now Louueegiy must take the package and place it on the above conveyor belt which takes it back to his brother, who sends it back on the next conveyor belt. This keeps going on until Muerdewoh has to put it on the highest conveyor belt, where it is sealed while passing through the column. Louueegiy then throws the sealed package to his delivery truck, when it gets filled up, it leaves, This gives them a break to do whatever until it returns empty.